So awesome, you’ll want to wear them all the time.

Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety glasses that won’t compromise comfort or style.

These days, employers know how important it is to protect your vision on the job, and many industrial companies require occupational safety-rated eyewear. For a long time, that meant wearing awkward, ill-fitting and, frankly, unattractive safety glasses. Not anymore. 

We proudly carry premium protective prescription safety glasses made by Wiley X, the best in industrial strength eye protection. They’re durable yet lightweight. They do the job. And best of all, they look as good as they fit. They’re also perfect for use at home for repairs, outdoor cooking, and yard work.

Wiley X safety glasses and frames offer: 

  • The mark of high performance certification your employer demands. All Wiley X styles are ANSI rated for high mass and high velocity impact. 
  • Industrial strength protection. They’re shatterproof, scratch resistant and flame resistant to stand up to the demands of your job. 
  • RX ready frames so the frame that suits you can be outfitted with prescription lenses. 
  • Patented cavity seals to keep fine dust, pollen and wind away from your eyes. 

Other Wiley X features—from polarized lenses to light-adjusting lenses and climate control designs—allow you to customize your safety glasses to suit your needs. 

In addition to Wiley X, we carry a handful of prescription safety glasses to suit your needs and budget.