Why choose precision lens fitting by skilled opticians?

Contact Lenses & Lens-fitting

Trusted Lens Fitters

Contact lenses have come a long way in the past few decades. Today’s lenses accommodate all kinds of vision requirements to provide clear vision and so much comfort, you almost forget you’re wearing them. 

Achieving that comfort and clear vision requires an expert fitting and consideration of your eye requirements. Do you have dry eyes? Do you have astigmatism? Our experienced and skilled opticians carefully consider many factors to identify the right brand and correct fit for your eyes.

Our expert licensed contact lens specialists take the time to ensure you’ve got the right fit, and may even provide you with samples to achieve that fit. During your evaluation, we also make sure you understand how to best clean, store and handle your contact lenses to increase their lifespan and protect your eye health. 

Trusted Contact Lens Brands

We’re proud to carry the following premium contact lens brands: